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A new era of translation solutions

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MLtranslate Solution

MLtranslate is a community focused platform where we provide access to ML translation models so you can provide relevant, accurate and inexpensive multi language experiences to your audience.

Currently our MLtranslate team can help you create specific language pairs for targeted dialects and then train those language pairs to incorporate into your organizations language library. These trained models can then be used to translate text, documents and websites for immediate and future translations.

Coming in the summer of 2021, MLtranslate will have a SaaS component which will allow you to access our language library and make translations using Google's neural machine learning technology instantly.

(See the future model below)

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We are here to jump-start your journey into this new and exciting space with offerings ranging from:

★ Do-it-yourself

  • Instructor Led Group Training
  • 1 on 1 Coaching

★ Let us do it for you

  • Solution Consulting
  • Full project Development as needed.

Contact your Google Sales representative or contact us directly to get started