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Google Data Loss Prevention

Every company has data that it must keep secure — whether that data is about confidential innovations, sensitive HR issues or protected health information (PHI). Let our Experts help you get the most out of your Google Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

How Google DLP Works

Google DLP will automatically check all outgoing emails and take action based on what the admin has specified: either quarantine the email for review, tell users to modify the information or block the email from being sent and notify the sender. These checks don’t just apply to email text, but also to content inside common attachment types ― such as documents, presentations and spreadsheets.

Designer DLP

Google offers several predefined detectors that help you detect social security numbers, credit cards and bank numbers however to truly create a compliant system you will need a much more sophisticated algorithm specific to your data protection needs.
We build specialized detection scripts to find and block the transmission of your sensitive data. It’s like reading the DNA of each document and email to find those key indicators and then making good choices about what to do next. Our DLP Architects work with you to identify the type of information you want to protect and determine the correct level of response for the privacy of the data.

  • Custom Detectors
  • Independent System Activity Reviews
  • Achieve HIPAA/HITECH Compliance
  • Gmail and Drive Security Assurance
  • Prevention Planning
  • Automated Testing

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